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Murió el ex Beatle George Harrison

Liverpool prepara un tributo

Liverpool, la ciudad inglesa que vio nacer a los Beatles, prepara un servicio religioso especial para "rendir tributo a la excepcional y talentosa vida de George Harrison", señaló hoy un portavoz del Ayuntamiento. "Mucha gente en esta ciudad lo recuerda y cree que fue un gran embajador de Liverpool. Creemos que es importante que el pueblo de Liverpool tenga la oportunidad de rendirle el último tributo", añadió el portavoz tras conocerse la muerte del ex beatle. Harrison nació el 25 de febrero de 1943 en el barrio de Wavetree en Liverpool, en el seno de una familia de pocos recursos.

George Harrison: A fan's tribute

Harrison symbolised idealism and optimism.

By BBC News Online's Bernard Gabony.
A few months ago I found myself diving into one of my periodic waves of pop retrospection - and playing Beatles albums night after night.

Every time I listen to Here Comes the Sun, it's impossible not to smile and think that things are looking up

Now that I've reached the ripe old age of 44 and am a father of young children, the raging anger and violence of old favourites like The Who and the Rolling Stones seems a little absurd.

But the Beatles - almost 40 years on - are so fresh and magical.

Hearing his guitar on a song like And Your Bird Can Sing brings back memories of me and my brothers dancing around the sitting room in short trousers, black plastic Beatles wigs on our heads, strumming the tennis racquets that served as surrogate guitars.

Magical worlds

But it wasn't just the wonderful guitar playing that made George special.

A carnation in tribute to Harrison in Liverpool

While John and Paul found themselves increasingly at odds, George held the flame for a wonderful spirit of idealism and optimism that was the best of the 1960s.

Songs like Within You and Without You on the Sergeant Pepper's album and My Sweet Lord held out that tantalising prospect of mysterious, mystical worlds that was part of the excitement of that era.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps on The White Album, full of wonderful slide guitar playing, also has a tremendous sense of compassion and love for the world in it.

And every time I listen to Here Comes the Sun on the Abbey Road album, it's impossible not to smile and think that things are looking up.

Perhaps another reason George is so loved is because of a sense of shy, frailty about him.

We like to think our stars are also human, subject to the same foibles as ourselves. And that was George.