Bass tab - Taxman by the Beatles. From: Mike Ackley ( TAXMAN ====== (Harrison) >From Revolver. Verse: [D7] |-----7---------5--| |--------5-h-7-----| (x3) |--5---------------| |------------------| |---------------5--| |------------7-----| |--5--5------------| |------------------| Chorus: [C7] [C7] |-----5---------3-h-5-|-----5---------3-h-5-| |--------3-h-5--------|--------3-h-5--------| |--3------------------|--3------------------| |---------------------|---------------------| [G7] [D7] |---------------------|-----7---------5-h-7-| |-----5---------3-h-5-|--------5-h-7--------| |--------3-h-5--------|--5------------------| |--3------------------|---------------------| There's a middle bit too which is basically the same riff: D If you drive a truck I'll tax the street C If you try to fix it I'll tax your seat D If you get too cold I'll tax the heat C If you take a walk I'll tax your feet D Taxman There, that's it innit. You can also use the same riff sor @Start@ by the Jam. Mike