{t:Misery} {st:The Beatles} {c:Intro:} {sot} F G C Am G -|--1----------------------------------0--0--0----0--------3--- -|--1----------------------------------1--1--1----1--------0--- -|--2----------------------------------0--0--0----2--------0--- -|--3----------------------------------2--2--2----2--------0--- -|--3----------------------------------3--3--3----0-----0--2--- -|--1----------------0----1---2---3------------------3-----3--- The world is treat-ing me bad Mi-se-ry {eot} {c:Verse:} I[C]'m the kind of g[F]uy who ne[C]ver used to c[F]ry The wo[F]rld is treating me b[G]ad mi[C]sery [A] I've l[C]ost her now for s[F]ure I w[C]on't see her no m[F]ore It's go[F]nna be a d[G]rag mi[C]sery {c:Middle:} I[Am]'ll remember all the little th[C]ings she's done {sot} -|----------------------------- (piano on the released version... -|----------------------------- this was a guitar part in many -|----------------------------- early recordings. Also, this riff -|--5--3--2-------------------- was repeated over the lyrics -|-----------5--3--2----------- "lonely one" in some early recordings -|--------------------5--3----- I've heard) {eot} Sh[Am]e'll remember and she'll miss her o[G]nly one lon[G7]ely one {c:Verse:} S[C]end her back to [F]me 'Cos ev[C]eryone can s[F]ee Wit[F]hout her I will [G]be in mi[C]sery {c:Repeat from middle} {c:Ending:} Wit[F]hout her I will [G]be in m[C]isery ([Am]oh) My mi[C]sery ([Am]la la la la la la) m[C]isery [Am]